the Good Words

It is rare to find someone like Kathleen, whose creativity and adaptability are equal to her reliability and timeliness. As my primary collaborator on Queer Soup Night, Kathleen has consistently demonstrated a strong ability to communicate effectively, both internally within the team environment and externally with our wider audience. She has developed event collateral on a slim budget and created an evaluation process following each event to discover what worked, what didn't and how to improve. I have also hired Kathleen to consult with my company, The Gefilteria, and have been consistently impressed with the results. Kathleen's optimism and great ability to listen, contribute to the overall positive experience I have every time I work with her.

Founder Gefilteria + Founder Queer Soup Night

Liz Alpern

As a student in my General Assembly Product Management course, Kathleen Cunningham developed How, a video-first app that helps teens experiencing grief to build resilience. Through How, Kathleen demonstrated the ability to clearly articulate a problem statement, conduct user interviews to learn more about her target audience, and write user stories for a development team. She also was able to leverage her significant design experience to create her own wireframes and mocks. Throughout the course, Kathleen showed a deep empathy for her users as well as a willingness to continue asking questions until she got to the heart of an issue, which is a very valuable skill in product management. I would absolutely recommend Kathleen for a product role.

Product Director at Condé Nast Entertainment

Ryan Harper

Senior VP of Lilly Pulitzer

jane schoenborn-paradis

The web site…maybe for the first time ever…looks incredibly Lilly. It is differentiated from the market, it screams Lilly, it enforces resort chic and it is WHOLLY ours. She has worked with the ecom designers to show off Life in Print in our most viewed platform. GREAT JOB.

This is balanced with significant growth in Kathleen’s ability to create structure around her ever-growing list of projects…and she does it all with the Core Leadership Qualities in mind. Kathleen is a leader in the Lilly Pulitzer Creative Communications team and her growth within the company is exciting. Kathleen is a visionary for Life in Print, she consistently delivers results, she’s on-time and overall a valuable asset to the company. Kathleen is creating assets that DELIGHT the Lilly Girl, we see this most clearly in Spring sales driven by Direct Mail and the reduced ‘bounce rate’ on Ecommerce.

This is a huge switch in mindset and Kathleen has taken the lead in updating mis-used collateral and redesigning it to fit within the Communications strategy.

I was looking for a cohesive brand for my business — something that would entice 20- and 30-somethings. I was feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of marketing White Heat Yoga while managing so many moving parts to open the studio. 

The process with Kathleen was painless. My vision for White Heat Yoga was well-heard and precisely executed. The branding is really usable across platforms. Kathleen's branding helped inform the entire studio aesthetic, completing the vision. 

The signage has attracted foot traffic, curious about the space as we prepare for the Grand Opening. My target audience has shown positive feedback — one client assumed I owned a series of studios because Kathleen's branding made White Heat Yoga look so polished. 

I've already recommended Kathleen's services to other small business owners and friends.

White Heat Yoga Owner

Jordan Severs


Megan Krebs

Kathleen deeply cares about any project she puts her artistic energy into. She won't settle on anything less than perfect for each individual. Each option she works on is matchless. I've been witness first hand to the time and energy she puts into her process of adjusting, reviewing, specifying, polishing. I'm always inspired and impressed by her work ethic and the valuable relationships she develops with a client.

I share a home and life with the visual strategist and plan on spending the rest of my life with this creative nerd. It only made sense that she would help design the most magical day of our lives. Kathleen was there imagining and planning our save the dates, invites, table settings and website from the moment I proposed. Had it not been for Kathleen, I would have resorted to Paper Source and it would have been a disaster. 

Seeing everything fall into place was an Ah-ha moment. Stepping into our reception tent and seeing the tables set with her work, I felt so grateful to have Kathleen’s creative insights and design scheme.

Church Girls Band Frontman

mariel Beaumont

I’ve worked with Kathleen on many projects for my band Church Girls since 2013, including album artwork, poster design, and a complete branding overhaul. I can’t speak highly enough about Kathleen’s professionalism - she genuinely seeks to understand our needs and aesthetic vision. She always delivers incredible work on schedule and with clear communication back and forth - I always feel she just "gets it" and doesn't require much rework. We're constantly getting compliments on our logo and album artwork, and we couldn’t be happier with the work she has done for us! She is a total joy to work with.