Church Girls


Problem statement

A band is a business that includes developing a following, promoting tours, selling albums and merch...Making sure there is time and energy to focus on writing music can be a challenge. 

How might we develop a clear promotional look and plan that opens space for a new band like Church Girls? 

Product solution: identity and templating kit

Church Girls is an indy-rock band from Philadelphia featured on WXPN, touring, recording and continually writing new music. Frontman, Mariel Beaumont, felt strongly about the humanistic quality of the music and wanted that compassion to translate to the visuals. 

To solve Mariel’s problem, I developed a series of rough visual strategy directions using hands as visual anchor. We landed on the children’s hand-folding game: here’s church, here’s the steeple, open the doors…see all the people.

After establishing a logo and icon, I continued to build out the identity system with templated tools. I improved Church Girls’ business position by giving them the functional tools and autonomy to continue utilizing the assets I developed. This means they can post, promote and book while looking consistent. The band can focus their energy on playing music and Mariel can continue writing incredible songs. 


I’ve worked with Kathleen on many projects for my band Church Girls since 2013, including album artwork, poster design, and a complete branding overhaul. I can’t speak highly enough about Kathleen’s professionalism - she genuinely seeks to understand our needs and aesthetic vision. She always delivers incredible work on schedule and with clear communication back and forth - I always feel she just “gets it.” We're constantly getting compliments on our logo and album artwork, and we couldn’t be happier with the work she has done for us! She is a total joy to work with.
Mariel Beaumont, Church Girls Frontman