grief resiliency resource for teens | Founder

Understanding the Problem

Teens experiencing deep loss or grief are at higher risk to have unstable adulthoods without proper resources. Teens are less likely to have peers who relate to their grief experience, and most readily available resources are aimed at older adults or very young children. The best resources are prohibitively expensive. Current resources are not in touch with GenZ communication style.

How might we help teens who have lost a parent to death or incarceration become resilient adults?

Product solution

how is a mobile site for 13-20 year olds who have lost a caretaker to death or incarceration. The product features 3 core resources: short-form video content, “empathetic” chatbot and peer-to-peer communication (coming in a phase 3 launch). Resources allow users to develop emotional regulation and secure connections: the building blocks of resiliency.

how’s short-form videos share practical tools from professionals and stories from survivors who are leading creative, full lives. This templates secure connections for users. Personalized feeds will recommend videos that are most likely to help; video ratings will utilize an algorithm like Netflix to recommend relevant content. howbot — a Facebook Messenger integrated chatbot will be able to listen and respond empathetically with therapeutic language developed by our team of pros. This supports emotional regulation – a place to fall apart. 


User engagement is our priority with this free resource. KPIs will be number of videos rated and conversations with howbot through Facebook messenger.