Queer Soup Night


Problem statement

After the 2016 election communities like mine felt a powerful need to donate time and money to vulnerable groups. My dear friend, Liz Alpern, wisely understood that raising money in reaction wasn’t good enough. We need something communal, useful and sustainable over the next four years.

Product solution

So...we threw a party. A lot of parties.

Chef and author, Liz Alpern founded Queer Soup Night and I’ve been thrilled to iterate and refine the event each time we host it. 

Each month we select a new beneficiary, raising first hundreds then thousands for small nonprofits like Bronx Freedom Fund and the New Sanctuary Coalition. QSN utilizes Facebook and Instagram to carry the message without sending a cent on advertising or web hosting. I’ve also  branded and designed all assets. 


Our October Queer Soup Night benefitting the Bronx Freedom Fund saw a 200% donation increase from previous QSNs and 160% increase in attendance. Our first-timers were delighted with the event and have promised to return. 

We are building upon Fall’s success by moving to a larger venue, partnering with high-profile queer chefs and media outlets and finding more incredible beneficiaries. Our KPI (donation dollar amount) is expected to grow at +20% for each future event. Aim high, kids.

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