Loss Letters

Digital community for grievers

Problem statement

There is a gap in grief recovery resources that is modern, secular, relevant and accessible targeting ages 25-65. 

Product solution 

Loss Letters is a weekly email series about grief, loss and way-finding. I founded this series to support a community of grievers. Loss Letters defines loss broadly: loss of a job, loss of security, loss of a relationship, loss of freedom. Grief comes from an enormous spectrum of experience and I want to share many different individuals’ stories. 

I facilitate contributor letters, edit every piece as well as write a lot of content myself. I oversee the site and distribution. The branding + collage artwork is all my own (including a few embroidery, food, and audio pieces). 


Loss Letters audience has grown from two (the first email) to hundreds within five months. The series has spread primarily through word-of-mouth. I’ve recently added an Instagram and Facebook page to encourage more contributor work. 

The qualitative data — that is, the responses I receive weekly from readers — is astounding. Personal, vulnerable, anonymous, magic...it’s clear to me that we need little communities like Loss Letters. I hope to grow this product into new, relevant platforms.